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The LaBelle Developmental Football League, formerly known as the LCFL will return for premier football action in the Spring of 2019. With our three regional offices being in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, the league has chose to kickoff play in Southern California region with a 6 to 10 team alignment. Once being a 32 team league from 2005 to 2011, and known as one of the “elite” leagues in the county, the LDFL looks to bring professional style developmental football giving young men the opportunity to strengthen their game play while acquiring the necessary game film to graduate to the next level of paid professional football. The league is commissioned by a non affiliated commissioner that has no ties to any of the member teams and governed by an executive board comprised of elected by team representatives. Each board member is elected for a two year term. The league will have a true “Players Association” which will be comprised of one player from each member team and represented by their own voted President. The Players Association President will represent the Association at each and every one of the owner’s meetings to pass on necessary information to the players.

The LDFL was founded on the basic principles of promoting this level of football in a controlled and structured environment while still maintaining an approach by making participation as cost effective as possible, controlling travel through scheduling geographically by a team’s location, and creating a competitive balance through various levels of competition. This concept has proven to be the right one for the LDFL. Looking back to the early years of the LCFL (now LDFL), this approach has been the main reason for the league’s growth and success, along with all of the many outstanding and dedicated players, coaches and administrators that tirelessly commit themselves every year to their organizations because of their love for the game.

The LDFL has given players, coaches, administers, and cheerleaders the platform to be developed and move on to the professional ranks while producing 4 National Champions in the process.

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